F.C.E. Autorun Scanner

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Lightweight and portable app that can help you detect if the content of Autorun.inf contains malware code by quickly scanning it

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F.C.E. Autorun Scanner is a fast and approachable Windows utility that scans the source code of an INF file to find out whether it contains malware or not. As technical as it may sound, the tool is very simple to use, even by those with no kind of experience in virus scanners.

Portability advantages

Since installation is not required, you can put the program files in any part of the hard disk and run the executable directly. This also applies when saving F.C.E. Autorun Scanner to a USB flash disk to run it on any PC and always have an autorun virus scanner with you on the go, in order to protect the integrity of both your pen drive and associated PCs.

An important factor worth taking into account is that the Windows registry and Start menu do not get updated with new entries, so there are no traces left behind after F.C.E. Autorun Scanner's removal.

Simple interface and options

The GUI is user-friendly, represented by a normal window with a plain layout. It does not stand out from the visual point of view, but it is simple to work with. You can load an INF file using the file browser only, since the drag-and-drop method is not supported.

Scanning it is initialized with the click of a button. After analyzing it, F.C.E. Autorun Scanner reveals whether the file is infected with the autorun virus or not. There are no other notable features available.

Evaluation and conclusion

CPU and RAM consumption was low during our tests, while scan jobs are carried out rapidly. We have not come across any issues, since F.C.E. Autorun Scanner did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. All in all, it gets the job done and can be easily used by anyone.

F.C.E. Autorun Scanner was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 18th, 2014
F.C.E. Autorun Scanner - F.C.E. Autorun Scanner has a simple interface that helps you load a file or paste the INI file contents to check it.