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A simple to use tool for searching and removing malware components and viruses from a computer using a direct and straightforward approach

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Universal Virus Sniffer is a light software solution that can help you scan your computer for all kinds of virus threats, infections and remove them.

It’s an application that enables you to perform scans on an operating system image, remote computer as well as on the one on which it is currently running. Universal Virus Sniffer displays a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to access all its features, of which it has an excessively large number.

After you select from one of the scan modes that it makes available, the application jumps right into the search phase. No time is wasted and it finishes a complete checkup of your system or the target one in a relatively short time, just a couple of minutes.

Once the scan is complete, it displays the name of the found file, its location, status and the manufacturer it belongs to. You can then choose an entry and bring out the context menu for it which contains a number of additional actions that can be perform. You are able to add the file to a database, upload it to websites that specialize in virus scanning, reset its attributes as well as delete it.

In case you’re looking to analyze a specific file type, Universal Virus Sniffer provides a very large list of file categories that you can choose from. From it, its quick and easy to direct your attention to processes, services, drivers and system modules, browsers, AUTORUN.INI, GISTS, DNS, tasks, processes without visible windows, network activity, missing objects and much more.

Universal Virus Sniffer also enables you to generate scripts that are used for real-time system protection. The scripts can be executed from a file or from the Clipboard and then saved. They can be checked and the application makes it possible to import virus signatures from an existing script.

In closing, there is a lot more to discover about Universal Virus Sniffer, as it offers you a considerable amount of other features and tools than the one mentioned above.

Universal Virus Sniffer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 3rd, 2015
Universal Virus Sniffer - Universal Virus Sniffer will provide users with with a tool for searching and removing unknown 0-day malwareUniversal Virus Sniffer - Users will be able to access options such as Script, Rootkits, Signature/hash, Advanced, Tests, Registry or RunUniversal Virus Sniffer - The main menu will offer a list of options like Suspicious and viruses, Missing objects, Links on missing files or Not verified filesUniversal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #4Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #5Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #6Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #7Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #8Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #9Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #10Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #11Universal Virus Sniffer - screenshot #12