W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool1.0

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With this lightweight and efficient application, you can successfully remove the W32/Small Trojan from your infected system, in just a few moves

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W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool is a lightweight and very simple to handle piece of software which aims to assist you in ridding your computer of the W32/Small infections, requiring as little as one button press in order to do it.

Clear-cut and intuitive usage

After having downloaded the program to your computer, you can run the executable to work with it, as it does not require installation in order to function.

The main window of W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool allows you to start the scanning process with a simple click on the corresponding button, analyzing the entire contents of your PC to ensure no area remains unchecked.

Scan your system and remove the W32/Small Trojan along with all its traces

The W32/Small Trojan features a fairly reduced size, its main purpose being to access certain malicious websites and covertly download programs which may very well harm your computer or put your personal data at risk.

Since manual cleanup is difficult and highly unrecommended, the best option consists of resorting to specialized software, such as W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool, that is able to do the job without any intervention from you, aside from launching the scan.

The utility will thoroughly analyze your system and look at every individual file. For this reason, the process may prove rather lengthy; however, when done, it will display a series of statistics, informing you of the total number of processed files and whether the W32/Small Trojan or its variants have been detected and consequently removed.

A useful W32/Small clean-up instrument

To summarize, W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool is a handy and efficient application which you can rely on whenever you think your computer may have caught the W32/Small infection, as it can successfully delete it from your system.

W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool - The main window of W32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool allows you to start the scanning processW32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool - During the analysis, you can view the progress of the operation and learn if any threat has been detectedW32/CleanSmall Trojan Removal Tool - When the scan completes, you can view a set of statistics about the number of scanned files and the detected infections