W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool

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An efficient removal tool that provides a quick method of scanning your computer for W32/ShipUp infections, removing them as soon as detected

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W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool is a virus cleaner that targets computers infected with the W32/ShipUp Trojan, aiming to detect and remove such malware for good.

Typically, this type of Trojan affects the Autorun feature of Windows and modifies several keys in the registry in order to place itself in the startup so that the OS will load it every time it boots. It is also known to download malicious files from the Internet, which may affect the health of the computer even more.

The presence of this particular Trojan is rather difficult to spot, which is why more than often a third-party application such as W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool is needed.

It comes in the form of a portable container that does not require installation and is extremely easy to use. Simply double-click the EXE file to run it and start the scan process right away.

The removal tool covers all the essential areas of the computer that are known to host the malware. Note that the scan process may take a while, as it is extremely thorough.

However, it is minimally invasive on system resources and does not bother you in any way; you may resume your PC projects while the application carries out the detection task.

As soon as the scan is terminated, a statistics report is displayed showing the total number of files that have been scanned, identified as infected and removed.

All in all, W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool could be a real helper if you suspect that your computer is infected with variants of the ShipUp malware. The detected Trojans are automatically removed on the spot upon detection.

W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool - The main window of W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool allows users to start the scanning process.W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool - W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool will scan the most common areas of the computer.W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool - W32/ShipUp Trojan Removal Tool reports on the total number of infected items.