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A simple to use software solution that offers you the means to protect your computer from viruses that reside both on hardware devices and online environments

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Sabarisoft Security Center is an application created to offer you an extra layer of security for your computer.

With it, you can protect your PC from viruses that reside on a USB flash, lockdown computer partitions, block websites and various file types from running.

Sabarisoft Security Center displays a comprehensive interface that is both aesthetic and well structured. From its main window you get quick access to all its tools and features which makes it practical for on the fly situations.

The application automatically identifies any USB drive that is added to your system and allows you to scan it immediately. You can choose to enable or disable real-time USB protection at any time in case you know the USB drive is clean and don’t want any unnecessary detections.

Since most threats that come with the use of a USB storage device are autorun viruses, Sabarisoft Security Center enables you to disable the USB port so no data can be transferred to or from the PC. In case one of your computer partitions holds sensitive or important data, you can have the application hide it from sight as well as lock it, which means that your data is kept safe.

If you are a concerned parent and don’t want your child browsing inappropriate websites, Sabarisoft Security Center enables you to block them. It’s as easy as entering their addresses and clicking the block button. Also, to make sure that the restrictions are not removed you can set a master password for the entire application which means that only you can make any changes to the settings.

Moreover, in case you have to deal with a virus that disables the use of the Task Manager, Folder Options, Control Panel or Run feature, the application is capable of restoring their functionality with one click.

In closing, Sabarisoft Security Center is indeed a handy tool to have around as it offers you simple to use and efficient security functions.

Sabarisoft Security Center was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
Sabarisoft Security Center - Sabarisoft Security Center displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to protect your computer from various threats.Sabarisoft Security Center - From the 'USB protection section', you are able to enable USB protection at any time.Sabarisoft Security Center - The application allow you to either hide or show the partitions on your computer, as well as lock specific ones.Sabarisoft Security Center - screenshot #4Sabarisoft Security Center - screenshot #5Sabarisoft Security Center - screenshot #6Sabarisoft Security Center - screenshot #7

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