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A simple and effective solution that was designed to help users block any malware threats that try to infiltrate their computers

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Fending off virus infections on a PC involves the use of at least one security solution that is able to detect and remove potential threats. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices one can make in this respect and thus choose the most appropriate apps for their computer.

SecuraLive Antivirus is a program created to shield the system against several types of malware and provide protection for web browsing, daily PC activities and more.

Modern and easy to use interface

The installation procedure is quite straightforward and it doesn't even require a system restart as most antivirus solutions do. Also, at first glance the software seems well suited for less experienced users, with every function easily accessible.

The status of the security components is displayed in the man window, while the scanning, updating and logging features have each their own tabs, where all the commands and reports are hosted.

Basic scans and detailed configurations with in-depth logs

When it comes to finding and removing malware, SecuraLive Antivirus is able to carry out quick system scans, complete or custom analyses. The results of any of these operations can be viewed as the scans happen, in the dedicated area of the application.

The running options for each component of the program can be configured in detail and the 'Settings' area is quite user friendly, allowing users to switch on and off the numerous functions. The program can even be protected with a password, so unauthorized access to the antivirus can be thus prevented.

The reports provided by this tool include generic events, application and virus database updates, scanner logs as well as quarantine or device related events.

A simple, no-frills antivirus solution for elementary PC protection

All things considered, SecuraLive Antivirus seems most appropriate for beginners, given its ease of use and good default configuration, even if some scans may take a lot longer than those of similar apps.

In order to make sure the computer is really safe, it is recommended to use alongside this utility a dedicated firewall to take care of network intrusions and other similar threats.

SecuraLive Antivirus was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 7th, 2014
SecuraLive Antivirus - This is the main window of SecuraLive Antivirus that allows you to view the status of all the security components.SecuraLive Antivirus - SecuraLive Antivirus offers several types of scan and the real-time progress of the operation as well as the identified threats can be viewed in the dedicated window.SecuraLive Antivirus - Tpo configure the running options of SecuraLive Antivirus you can access the Settings area of the program.SecuraLive Antivirus - screenshot #4SecuraLive Antivirus - screenshot #5SecuraLive Antivirus - screenshot #6SecuraLive Antivirus - screenshot #7

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