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Spyware DLL Analysis and Removal Tool

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SpyDLLRemover is one of the apps that could add a new security layer to your computer, trying to detect spyware and hidden rootkits DLLs on your computer.

Antispyware security software tools are usually more difficult to use, but that's not the case of SpyDLLRemover, as the application relies on a more user friendly approach and intuitive features.

The main window for example groups all features in a total of three tabs, all of which hold vital information regarding your system.

The “Spy Scanner” has a fairly self-explanatory name, so it allows you to scan the computer and look for malicious files that may exist on the local hard disks. On the other hand, the “Process Viewer” tab gives you an overview over the running processes, along with process and session ID, threat information, company and description, memory, file size and date.

Each process can be checked for threats online, but you can also terminate it, show the file in Explorer, view properties or open it with some user defined applications.

SpyDLLRemover is indeed a handy tool and does its job very fast, scanning the system and letting you act accordingly in case some suspicious files are found on your computer.

It's far from being a resource hog and it runs smoothly on all Windows versions, without even asking for administrator privileges when used on Windows 7.

Overall, SpyDLLRemover is undoubtedly a very handy piece of software, running on low resources and providing advanced tools to detect any malicious file that may hide on your system.

SpyDLLRemover was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
SpyDLLRemover - SpyDLLRemover will provide users with a spyware DLL analysis and removal toolSpyDLLRemover - The Process Viewer tab section will offer a list of options like Open With, Scan Online or Kill ProcessSpyDLLRemover - Users will be able to access options such as Open DLL With, Scan DLL Online or Scan Process Online within the DLL Tracer tab sectionSpyDLLRemover - screenshot #4SpyDLLRemover - screenshot #5SpyDLLRemover - screenshot #6

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