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A harmless trojan to test your anti-virus with.

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Trojan Simulator is a compact application that intends to help you check the efficiency of your security solution. The program simulates the behavior of a typical trojan virus without exposing you to security threats.

In order to use the program you need to install the trojan on your computer by using the TrojanSimulator executable file. It allows you to start a process and to add a registry key that automatically loads the process at every startup. When you have finished the testing, you can use the same application to remove both items.

The application is designed to help you install and remove all the traces of the installation even if your antivirus does not detect the simulation. After the installation a popup window displays the path to the infected file which allows you to remove it manually if you accidentally close the installer window.

The popup does not specify the key created in the registry but you can find the information in the documentation included in the archive. However, the key is removed when you uninstall the simulation.

You can use the program to choose a reliable security solution for your computer. Since this simulator presents all the basic characteristics of a trojan, it should easily be detected by any genuine security solution.

In our tests, the running process was detected by the antivirus program, stopped and removed from the computer. You can use Trojan Simulator to avoid the fake antivirus programs that are available on the Internet.

Trojan Simulator was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 22nd, 2012
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