Tuscho Internet Security

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A handy and easy to use antivirus application that helps you protect your computer from security threats, such as malware or trojans

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Your computer is constantly exposed to security threats, whether you plug in an USB drive or you simply browse the Internet. This is why a sturdy antivirus application is required, in order to protect your computer from certain security risks. A reliable and easy to use tool that can help you protect your computer is Tuscho Internet Security. It allows you to scan and remove any malicious software, Trojans and other malware.

A dependable antivirus tool offering real-time disk and Internet protection

Tuscho Internet Security gives you the possibility to scan your disk drives for any files that could harm or damage your computer, then remove them. Furthermore, this antivirus tool offers you real-time protection from security threats from the Internet. You can protect your computer from both local and Internet security threats, thanks to its Process Guard and SafeSurfing Protection.

These features, combined with real-time file system and web security offer you an optimal protection for your computer.

Advanced system protection, both for local or Internet files

Tuscho Internet Security enables users to selectively protect their computers, by choosing the protection features that they need. By doing so, they can use only certain antivirus protection tools, suited for their needs.

For example, people who do not play a lot of computer games do not have to enable the Gamer Mode option, because it would be running to no avail. In addition, you can enable certain Internet security options, such as Personal Firewall Protection or Secure Route Access, that can boost the overall defenses of your computer.

A handy and powerful antivirus software with user-friendly interface

Tuscho Internet Security offers you security for your computer for both Internet browsing or general file handling. You can use the application to scan your system and remove any malicious software or viruses with ease.

Tuscho Internet Security was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
Tuscho Internet Security - The application allows you to protect your computer from various malware and Internet threats.Tuscho Internet Security - While in the Scan section, you can perform full, quick or custom scans of your disk drives.Tuscho Internet Security - By accessing the Configuration section, you can enable or disable certain antivirus protections, such as Process Guard.Tuscho Internet SecurityTuscho Internet SecurityTuscho Internet SecurityTuscho Internet Security