UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition

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You can use this simple yet reliable protection solution to efficiently guard your system against numerous threats and virus attacks

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UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition is a comprehensive software utility designed to protect your computer against viruses, Trojans, malware and other possible threats.

The program provides you with heuristic (or real-time) protection features, ensuring immediate quarantine of suspicious files as well as permanent deletion of dangerous items.

UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition provides you with four scanning modes. The 'Quick Scan' will swiftly analyze your system's most important areas. The 'Full Scan' will perform a complete and thorough verification of your computer in order to detect any existing threats.

The 'Custom Scan' is meant to be used for checking specific folders that you have doubts about. The 'Scheduled Scan' enables you to manage the time and conditions of all automatic computer analysis, as well as set the preferred file types to be scanned or any particular directories.

After finishing the scanning process, UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition allows you to view a detailed report concerning the infected items, along with the level of risk they present.

Each scanning mode can be adjusted to suit your protection requirements. As such, you can decide the file extensions that should be scanned, or whether to analyze running processes, the registry and the archives. You can also decide if UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition should automatically remove infected files or await your decision.

In addition, the anti-virus allows you to set specific files and folders to be excluded from future scans, so on every analysis they can simply be skipped. Moreover, UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition enables you to keep quarantined files for a number of days or permanently delete them upon detection.

UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition is a great tool that you can use to keep your computer safe against various attacks, while the user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to work with and customize.

UnThreat AntiVirus Free Edition was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 17th, 2014
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