VBS/Stages Scanner and Remover

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Easily remove the VBS/Stages worm from an infected computer





VBS/Stages is a multi application Microsoft Windows worm uses Microsoft Outlook, mIRC, Pirch and mapped drives to spread. Because of the mass mailing routine it downs many email servers.

The email message subject will be the mixture of "FW: ", "Life stages", "Funny", "Jokes", or "text". It will use a random number generator to get the mixture subject line.

The message body will be " > The male and female stages of life". The attachment name will be "LIFE_STAGES.TXT.SHS" and the size will be 39,936 bytes.

The attachment is a shellScrap Object file, .SHS extension won't visible to the user. It blinds the user to open the attachment as a normal text file.

■ /SCAN - Scans the system for VBS/Stages Worm
■ /REPAIR - Use this option to CLEAN the worm
■ /SCAN - Scan all files
■ /BAK - Create backup copy before cleaning
■ /NOSUB - Sub Directories OFF
■ /REPORT - Generates report - C:/VIRUSCAN.RPT
■ /HELP - Detailed help to clean the VBS/Stages worm
Last updated on July 18th, 2008
VBS/Stages Scanner and Remover - VBS/Stages is a multi application Windows worm uses Microsoft outlook, mIRC, Pirch and mapped drives to spread