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An antivirus for your computer's protection

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There are many antivirus solution that can protect your computer against malware that can spread via infected websites, emails or downloaded content. If you are not willing to purchase a license for your security products, ZenOK Free Antivirus is one of freeware alternatives that you can rely on to keep malware at bay.

Its graphic interface is user-friendly and intuitive, so you can use it even if you are not an expert when it comes to computers and software. The main window is neatly organized within several tabs that display the current protection status of your computer.

Just like most other antivirus solutions, ZenOK Free Antivirus also integrates within the context menu of Windows Explorer so you simply need to right click on any file you consider suspicious and analyze it.

Additionally, whenever a threat is detected, the file will be moved to the quarantine so you (or a more tech-savvy buddy) can thoroughly examine it and decide if it should be restored or erased.

Another function of ZenOK Free Antivirus is that it also keeps an eye on your hardware components, as it displays the temperature of the hard drive so you can shut down your computer and prevent any serious damages. It also monitors the CPU and RAM usage levels, thus enabling you to terminate third-party apps if they are not vital for the functioning of the PC.

All in all, ZenOK Free Antivirus might not feature a plethora of scanning options or countless menus, it its basic protection should prove enough for those who do not download files form suspicious online sources or access questionable websites.

ZenOK Free Antivirus was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
ZenOK Free Antivirus - This is the main window of ZenOK where you can view the protection status of your computerZenOK Free Antivirus - You can access this tab when you want to view the progress of the scanning processZenOK Free Antivirus - This tab is the place where you can view the current temperature of your hard driveZenOK Free Antivirus - This is the way ZenOK will allow users to analyze the system performance of their PCZenOK Free Antivirus - This window will offer users the possibility to scan any custom folder on their computer

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