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iClean is a free software that will remove malware including rootkits

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iClean is an application that joins the fight against malicious files, offering users a very simple way to discover malware data on their computers.

Especially aimed at infected processes and services, iClean comes with a plain and simple GUI supposed to let you easily find dangerous activity on the system.

The tabbed design provides instant access to processes, services, registry and startup folders, while also showing the content of three important Windows files, namely WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI and HOSTS.

It's however very important to note that iClean doesn't show the Windows items, be they processes, services or registry entries, so it's actually fairly easy to detect a malicious file.

The actions you're allowed to perform however may disappoint a lot of users out there because iClean can only kill or delete a selected item. A dedicated tool to quickly search the Internet for more information on a process or service could help a lot.

What's more, iClean lacks the possibility to automatically refresh the list of displayed items, so you have to manually refresh it every time.

The good thing however is that iClean works smoothly on all Windows versions, but administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 workstations, especially if you intend to delete some suspect files.

Overall, iClean is worth a chance because it can display malicious files on your system, but it's pretty obvious that further improvements are needed. Searching the Internet for a listed item is a must do in case you're not sure whether a certain process is dangerous or not, so a dedicated feature in this regard is absolutely needed.

iClean was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 28th, 2012
iClean - This is the main window of iClean and here you can see a series of tabs which are displaying the current Processes, Services, Registry, Startup Folders and HostsiClean - In the Advanced tab you can select to terminate a known process ID without having to search it through the Processes listiClean - The Hosts tab displays the list of available hosts which you can save or reload

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