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This software will prevent viruses spreading through removable drives

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iKill is a security application designed to block virus infections that usually spread via USB removable devices.

Since most of these infections are delivered through the autorun.inf file, iKill comes with a dedicated tool to disable this particular threat.

The interface is straightforward and all features are organized in tabs, letting you access them with just a few clicks. Although the first tab is called “Antivirus”, it does not sport proper antivirus functionality, but only a removable drive protection mode that blocks infections as soon as you plug in a removable drive.

There are three options here, enable AutoProtect, scan physical drives and enable startup with Windows. iKill also comprises a Task Manager that's pretty similar with the one bundled inside Windows, as well as a service manager to handle the services running on your system.

Last but not least, the “Tools” tab comes with some other goodies, including the possibility to enable or disable Registry Editor, Task Manager, Folder Options and Hidden File Options, but also with dedicated utilities to restart Explorer and force restart the computer.

iKill runs pretty smooth on most computers out there regardless of the Windows version, but Windows 7 users should keep in mind that they must load the app with administrator rights in order to make sure they can save the changes.

The application does have a separate tool to take administrative privileges, so make sure to check the “Settings” tab in case there's any problem with it.

All in all, iKill might come in handy when your computer is infected with viruses spread via removable devices.

iKill was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 30th, 2013
iKill - The main window of iKill allows users to access all the features of the software.iKill - From this tab of iKill you can customize the general settings of the software.iKill - iKill also enables you to view and close running processes from this tab of the application.iKilliKill

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