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An antivirus package that is based on the most recent technologies.





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mks_vir was first created in 1987 in response to the plague of multiplying computer viruses.

mks_vir package offered today is a modern antivirus software application, based on the most recent technologies.

The package is designed to work under all the current operating systems of the Windows family.

The package consists of several main modules. Their combined operation protects the computer against the intrusion of harmful programs.

Antivirus monitor, deeply embedded in the core of the Windows system, controls in the real time all the file operations. For that reason it is able to stop the activation of a virus in course of executing operations on the hard disk, floppy disk, CD/DVD or other carriers.

The monitor, at the activation, checks whether in the computer memory there is a virus installed. If this is the case, the virus is removed.

Disk and file scanner is a traditional element of antivirus software. During one quick run it can scan many physical and network drives. It detects viruses, Trojan horses and Internet worms.

Moreover, beside the standard scanner operating in the Windows environment, mks_vir package contains also a 32-bit DOS scanner (fully compatible with the Windows version).

This scanner allows to delete viruses from files used by the Windows system, and also to delete viruses located in the boot sector and the partition table of the hard drive.

Under special circumstances, it is possible to disinfect the computer after starting it from the installation CD or from the start-up floppy disk of mks_vir package.

mks_update program allows to minimise the costs of Internet connections thanks to the mechanism of repository.

In small networks only one workstation has to connect to the Internet in order to download the update elements. Other stations update the program through the local network from that station.

Note: In order to use this software in trial mode you will have to register.
Last updated on September 2nd, 2008
mks_vir 2007 - This is the main window of mks_vir 2007 that allwos you to access all the features of the application.mks_vir 2007 - The file scanner module of mks_vir 2007 can detect, clean or remove infected files or restore proper operation of the system.mks_vir 2007 - Here you can choose the folders of drives you want mks_vir 2007 to scan for malware infection.mks_vir 2007 - The scanner settings tab of mks_vir 2007 will allow you to customize the options for the scanning procedure.mks_vir 2007 - mks_vir 2007's system monitor performs real time scanof all files accessed by programs and operating system.mks_vir 2007 - Here you can customize the settings for the system monitor module of mks_vir 2007.mks_vir 2007 - This is the quarantine settings tab where you can choose a quarantine directory and file size in quarantine.mks_vir 2007 - mks_vir 2007 comes with a firewall utility that will prevent unauthorized remote access to your PC.mks_vir 2007 - With mks_vir 2007 you can safely send and receive e-mails because the mail scanner will protect your messages from viruses.mks_vir 2007 - This is the antispam module of mks_vir 2007 that will enable you to protect your computer against unwanted e-mails.mks_vir 2007 - This is the general settings tab for the application where you can customize mks_vir 2007's running options.

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