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An advanced and reliable application aiming to help you protect your computer against viruses and other similar online threats and attacks

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xCore Complex Protection is a useful and easy to handle piece of software created to offer you the means of securing your system against outside dangers, including various forms of malware and viruses.

Neatly-organized and straightforward appearance

Following the installation process, you will be required to restart your PC, in order for the tool to start defending your computer.

The utility features a fairly attractive and intuitive interface, much like a lot of other antivirus solutions out there, so it is unlikely that you will encounter any difficulty in working with xCore Complex Protection.

Scan and secure your PC against viruses and other forms of malware

The main window displays your current system’s status, indicating which components are active (‘File Antivirus’, ‘Firewall’, ‘Proactive Protection’ or ‘USB Antivirus’), but you do not have the option of disabling them from the start panel, only from their own tab.

The ‘Scanner’ tab allows you to set a preferred level of protection ranging from minimal to maximal, after which you can choose the drive that you want to analyze for potential threats. You also have the option of selecting a specific folder to investigate, but you cannot do pick an individual item to scan, neither from the main window not from the context menu.

The ‘Firewall’ displays the currently active connections, as well as the amount of traffic in KB, including the ‘Network Activity’, with the running processes or protocols. The ‘Proactive Protection’ tab helps you establish a list of ‘Admitted’ and ‘Prohibited’ processes, so whenever xCore Complex Protection encounters them, you will be asked to confirm your actions.

From the ‘USB Disk Protection’ section, you can scan a selected USB drive, while from the ‘Tools’ menu, you can open the ‘Process Manager’ and view or close certain applications. The ‘Autolaunch Manager’ enumerates the startup programs, letting you remove unwanted entries from the list.

An intuitive computer defender

To conclude, xCore Complex Protection is a handy and efficient utility that can successfully assist you in keeping your PC safe against various online threats and attacks, enabling you to detect malware on your system heuristically and remove it with minimal effort.

xCore Complex Protection was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
xCore Complex Protection - The main window of xCore Complex Protection displays your computer's current security statusxCore Complex Protection - From the Scanner tab, you can choose the drive or folder that you wish to analyzexCore Complex Protection - The Firewall section of xCore Complex Protection displays the outgoing and incoming connectionsxCore Complex Protection - screenshot #4xCore Complex Protection - screenshot #5xCore Complex Protection - screenshot #6xCore Complex Protection - screenshot #7xCore Complex Protection - screenshot #8xCore Complex Protection - screenshot #9xCore Complex Protection - screenshot #10xCore Complex Protection - screenshot #11

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