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An intuitive and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to provide a simple method of creating live wallpapers for Android devices

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Custom Live Wallpaper Creator is a versatile application that can help in the making of professional live wallpapers for Android enabled devices.

It targets the average user and does not require any programming knowledge, as the building process of the wallpaper is performed by the program itself. The application embeds a rich array of templates that you can rely on to design a unique screen for your smartphone.

Powered by a comprehensive and intuitive interface, Custom Live Wallpaper Creator gets you acquainted with all of the options right from the start. In the main GUI, there’s a list of all the available live wallpaper scenarios.

Thus, you can opt for a shake wallpaper, which will result in a screen that can be shaken based on a preset sensitivity or for a rotate wallpaper, whose name is self-explanatory.

Moreover, you can design a new screen from multiple images and have them gathered in a slideshow view, as well as to build the wallpaper on top of a GIF animation. In addition, if you opt for the matrix wallpaper, you will be able to turn simple text strings into a matrix-like image.

All the wallpapers will be saved in APK format by default, although you can set the program to export the source code as well (for developers). Not only does the application have the means to generate such resources, but it can also install the wallpaper on your device, provided that it is connected to the computer.

In conclusion, the array of possibilities and customizations provided by the program is quite satisfactory and the overall impression is good. Everything is made possible without writing a single line of code, to the advantage of all audiences.

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 27th, 2015
Custom Live Wallpaper Creator - You can use Custom Live Wallpaper Creator to create shake, rotate, slideshow live wallpapers and animated GIFs.Custom Live Wallpaper Creator - Custom Live Wallpaper Creator enables you to add multiple pictures in your live wallpaper and change the image scaling.Custom Live Wallpaper Creator - With Custom Live Wallpaper Creator you can build a live wallpaper for your phone that will be placed on the home screen.Custom Live Wallpaper Creator - screenshot #4Custom Live Wallpaper Creator - screenshot #5Custom Live Wallpaper Creator - screenshot #6

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