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A simple utility that can assist you in creating video DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or CVD), suitable for DVD players, from any number of video files

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DeVeDe is a user-friendly and effective piece of software whose main function is to help you create DVDs and CDs, using various media files. The created discs can then be played on any appropriate device.

In the initial phase, you need the select the type of disc that you will be working with, from the available ones: Video DVD or CD, SuperVideo CD or DivX.

In case you choose to create a Video DVD, you can add various menu titles, while in the 'Files' window, you will be able to add the target movies. Here, you can also add subtitles and set their font size, or modify some of the file's features, such as the format or final size. In addition, the application allows you to rotate the video with a specific number of degrees or mirror it.

Afterward, you can set the media size corresponding to the disc you intend to use, such as a 4.7 GB DVD or a 700 MB CD. By adjusting the disc usage, the application automatically sets the video bitrate of each file.

The 'Menu Options' window provides you with the possibility of using a PNG format background image, as well as menu music. In addition, you can have the DVD show the menu immediately after disc startup.

The 'Default Format' section enables you to select either the PAL or the NTSC option. From the 'Advanced Options' , you can create a disc structure or an ISO image that you can then burn onto a DVD or CD.

Aside from a few slow-to-respond commands and buttons, DeVeDe is an efficient tool for creating movie discs, while the numerous adjustable features allow for a high degree of customization.

DeVeDe was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 6th, 2013
DeVeDe - In the main window of DeVeDe you will be able to add new titles and files to your DVD structure.DeVeDe - From the Title Properties window of DeVeDe you will be able to enter the name and set the action to perform.DeVeDe - From the File Properties window of DeVeDe you will be able to set the video and audio properties.DeVeDe - From the Menu Properties window of DeVeDe you will be able to select the image you want to use as background and menu format.DeVeDe - screenshot #5

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