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A simple to use and reliable software solution that enables you to attach an Authenticode or OpenPGP signature to installers or setup files

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EXE Signer is a simple to use application that enables you to create and verify your publisher signatures, for executable files. The software is lightweight and user-friendly and enables you to create name signatures or add timestamps to files.

Windows signature mode

The are two signing technologies on Windows, namely Authenticode and Strong Name signing. The Windows signature is displayed when you wish to run an executable file, under the Publisher tag. Most of the times the message that you can view there is “Unknown Publisher”, that is prompted when Windows does not recognize the origin of the program and does not trust it.

EXE Signer can help you, as a developer, to accomplish the Authenticode signing, however it does not deliver your public key to the user. You can sign many file types, including executable files, DLLs or CABs.

Authenticode and detached signature

The software features two operation modes: the Authenticode and the Detached signature. Each of these tabs can verify or create a signature for the selected file. You can even apply the OpenPGP signing protocol, that adds to the trustworthiness of the setup or install files.

In Authenticode mode, you need to load a PFX certificate key, that contains your credentials. You need to specify the PFX password, then you can proceed to verification of the Cert Name in the root of the file, that can tell you if the signature file is available or not. Then simply specify the name of the document you wish to sign and save it as a .SIG file. A timestamp can also be added with a simple click.

The OpenPGP Detached Signature

EXE Signer enables you to either create an OpenPGP Detached signature or verify it, by uploading the required file. The process is similar to creating an Authenticode, if the signature file is valid. The main purpose of the detached OpenPGP signature is to enable your recipients to verify that the file has not been changed.


EXE Signer is a lightweight alternative to the tiresome process of obtaining a certificate for your application. It eases the process of signature verification and it enables you to add your company name under the Publisher tag, thus offering your recipients a guarantee of authenticity.

EXE Signer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 14th, 2014
EXE Signer - EXE Signer enables you to attach an Authenticode or a detached OpenPGP signature to your executable file.EXE Signer - The software enables you to verify your signature file and check if is valid, before assigning it to the specified file.

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