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A simple and easy to understand piece of software designed to help you create informational brochures in just a few swift keystrokes

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Free Brochure Maker is an intuitive and accessible application whose main purpose consists of helping you create flyers, pamphlets and other type of information-spreading material, which you can then print and share with others to promote an event, for instance.

Clean-cut and approachable usage

The utility features a very clean and straightforward appearance, making use of tabs to organize its main functions, so you can easily switch between them and work with the one you need.

As a result, you can insert and edit ‘Text’ blocks, as well as add ‘Images’ to your brochure, which can be resized and adjusted in terms of transparency. Also, you can modify the looks of the ‘Brochure’, for instance the orientation or the background color.

Design flyers, pamphlets and brochures from scratch

Free Brochure Maker allows you to create four main types of documents, namely ‘Letter Landscape’, ‘Letter Portrait’, ‘Legal Landscape’ and ‘Legal Portrait’, so you can pick the one that best meets your requirements.

Afterward, you can add one or more ‘Text’ items, being able to choose the preferred font and size, the color and the style (bold, italic, underline or strikethrough). From the ‘Objects’ panel, you can decide which items can be visible or not.

Subsequently, you can load a locally stored image and resize it until it fits inside your brochure. The ‘Opacity’ knob enables you to adjust the transparency level of the picture, useful if you wish to superpose several items, placing them one on top of the other.

The ‘Brochure’ tab helps you personalize the look and feel of the file, letting you choose the page dimension (A4, B1, Letter, Tabloid, Executive, Legal, Letter or custom). The orientation can be ‘Landscape’ or ‘Portrait’, while from the ‘Color’ section you can change the background of your flyer. When done, you can save the file to BRC format, but also PDF, SVG or image (PNG, JPG, TIF, GIF, etc).

A handy flyer builder

In conclusion, Free Brochure Maker is a lightweight and quite reliable piece of software that you can resort to whenever you want to design your own informational pamphlets or flyers, requiring a minimal amount of effort from you.

Free Brochure Maker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Free Brochure Maker - The main window of Free Brochure Maker allows you to begin creating your file by adding image and text sectionsFree Brochure Maker - The Image tab enables you to adjust the dimensions and position of the picture on the surface of the brochureFree Brochure Maker - From the Brochure section, you can adjust the appearance and color of the backgroundFree Brochure Maker - screenshot #4

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