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Create mobile apps that can run slideshows on your handheld Android-based device, enabling you to view photo galleries on the go

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Gallery App Creator can be used to transform an image collection into an appealing gallery that can be launched on any Android-based device. It enables you to build native Android apps that can launch slideshows, so that you can enjoy your photo collection on a handheld device.

Create slideshows with audio background

Working with Gallery App Creator is easy, since all its options are neatly presented into a single window. Thus, creating your new Android photo gallery becomes just a matter of pressing a few buttons.

The application enables you to save your progress to a proprietary format and resume whenever you want to. It is compatible with common graphic formats, also allowing the use of locally stored audio files as music backgrounds for the slideshow.

Generate APK packages to launch photo collections

There are various configuration options that you can customize, starting with the gallery title, which is displayed inside the app. The navigation direction can also be changed, along with the way each image scales in the resulting container.

With just a few clicks, you can add the desired images, optionally assigning them a name and audio background.

Once you enter the app name, ID, version number and choose its logo, you just have to press the 'Create App' button to start. Gallery App Creator makes use of the Java JDK to build the APK file, so you will be prompted to enter its path in case it is not automatically detected.

Run self-created image slideshows on Android devices

Gallery App Creator has numerous practical uses, enabling you to create product presentations, narrated books, photo albums and so on. The resulting app can be installed and used on any Android device, regardless of the screen size. Furthermore, you are free to upload the app to the Play Store and share it with others.

Gallery App Creator was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
Gallery App Creator - Gallery App Creator enables you to enter the desired title for your gallery, add it background music and set the scale type.Gallery App Creator - You can select the desired images and set their order in the slideshow, add them custom titles and audio background music.

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