Lets PHOTO Express

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Lets PHOTO Express - Create slideshows that bring your photos to life with motion, effects and more

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Lets PHOTO Express is a program that you can use to easily create slideshows from images.

The tool's interface consists of a wizard in which you have to follow a few simple steps in order to complete a project.

So, you can start a new project by setting its style (e.g. classic long, comic book, instant photos, photo album).

Images can be inserted from file, camera or memory card by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method.

In addition, you can configure image settings when it comes to brightness, contrast, red eye reduction, color balance, text and effects (e.g. aging, rain, clouds, soft glow, fade in).

Furthermore, you can add a soundtrack and use SmartSytle audio to automatically generate a style-dependent soundtrack for the length of the project, as well as preview the respective project before building it.

This application uses a very high amount of CPU and system memory, and can take a while to create a project. However, no errors have popped up during our tests and Lets PHOTO Express didn't freeze or crash either. Plus, the image and sound quality in the output files is very good.

The bottom line is that, although Lets PHOTO Express doesn't provide you with too many advanced tools for photo editing, it is a simple-to-use software and we strongly recommend it to all users, especially novices.

Lets PHOTO Express was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 12th, 2012
Lets PHOTO Express - Lets PHOTO Express's main window, where you can choose whether you want to create a new project or to open an existing one.Lets PHOTO Express - The Project Settings window, also displaying the Advanced menu that gives you access to the New, Open and Save Project features.Lets PHOTO Express - The next step of the Presentation creating wizard is Import Images, where you choose the pictures that will be shown in your album.Lets PHOTO Express - The Image Configuration window lets you configure the image hotspot, enhance the image and select the effects that you want to apply to it.Lets PHOTO Express - The Audio Configuration is the next step in the wizard and it lets you select the audio files to be played during the presentation.Lets PHOTO Express - The Project Preview allows you to see how your presentation or album will look in the end, so that if there are problems, you can go back and fix them.Lets PHOTO Express - The Windows Media Export wizard is the final step that will create a WMV file containing your presentation.

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