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An intuitive application that enables you to prepare your Flash videos for being burned onto a disc, by protecting them against wrongful usage

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VaySoft SWF to CD Converter is a fairly complex and efficient piece of software developed to offer you the means of turning your SWF videos to protected EXE files which you can easily burn onto discs and send to other people to view them.

Clean and intuitive appearance

Subsequent to a swift and uneventful installation process, you can launch the program and begin working with it immediately, as it features a basic yet fairly straight-forward interface, that poses no problem even for less advanced individuals.

The tabbed interface makes it simple to switch between the various sections of VaySoft SWF to CD Converter, allowing you to adjust the output preferences of your EXE file with a minimal amount of effort.

Turn SWF to EXE in just a few moves

For starters, you will need to choose the targeted file and folder of your Flash video, as well as set the output location. While all the files in the source directory are included in the EXE and protected, you do have the option of excluding certain elements from the encryption.

The ‘General Option’ section lets you set the SWF file name, the preferred window size, whether to enable right click menus or set a website to be displayed when the player finishes rendering the video. The ‘Logo Setup’ tab allows you to assign a personalized icon to the generated EXE, as well as insert an image at the end or the beginning of the Flash movie.

Moreover, you can set a ‘Play Time Limit’, restricting the video’s usage to a user-defined number of days, play counts, or duration, being able to configure an expiry condition. You can even activate the product’s ‘Registration’, which means it will prompt  its user for a license key.

At the same time, you have the ability to create a list of applications which will not be permitted to run simultaneously with your video, for instance screen capture tools. You can also apply a watermark onto the surface of the SWF to further ensure your copyright is protected.

Handy SWF protection instrument

All in all, VaySoft SWF to CD Converter is a comprehensive and reliable utility which features a wide array of customizable functions and components, helping you convert your Flash presentations to fully-protected videos, making them easy to burn on CDs or DVDs and send to other people to watch, without running the risk of having your materials used without our permission.

VaySoft SWF to CD Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 5th, 2014
VaySoft SWF to CD Converter - The main window of VaySoft SWF to CD Converter allows you to choose the source folder and Flash videoVaySoft SWF to CD Converter - The General Option tab enables you to set the preferred SWF name and window sizeVaySoft SWF to CD Converter - From the Logo Setup tab, you can assign an icon to the exported file, as well as an image to display at the beginning or end of the SWFVaySoft SWF to CD Converter - screenshot #4VaySoft SWF to CD Converter - screenshot #5VaySoft SWF to CD Converter - screenshot #6VaySoft SWF to CD Converter - screenshot #7VaySoft SWF to CD Converter - screenshot #8

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