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A reliable and efficient application that can successfully assist you in creating vinyl signs using lettering which can later be cut out

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VinylMaster Ltr is an intuitive and reliable software solution created to offer you the proper tools for designing signs, logos and other types of similar objects, customizing them until they completely meet your requirements.

Advanced yet approachable interface

The main window of the program is fairly complex, yet easy to get around, enabling you to quickly figure out how to start creating a new sign.

On the left edge of VinylMaster Ltr, you can find and use various functions, such as 'Zoom', 'Artistic Text', 'Clipart', 'Shaping and Welding', 'Image Editing' and others. The right-side of the window allows you to view the 'Object Manager and Properties', as well as additional 'Tools' to help you decide on your sign's colors.

Design your lettering however you please

In order to begin creating your lettering, you can select an area and the preferred text function, then input the words you wish to work with. You can adjust its size, position, alignment, page type, while also being able to pick from a wide range of fonts the one that best fits your design.

From the context menu, the text can be converted to 'Arc / Circle' or 'Path'. You can continue by adding or editing 'Effects', 'Block Shadows', 'Distortions' ('Flag', '2D', 'Corner', 'Cylinder', 'Arc') as well as 'Inlines and Outlines'. Moreover, you can import or paste images, which you can later edit or vectorize to fit your sign.

Using the color utilities, you can mix your own colors and combinations, or 'Set Spot Color'. Similarly, you can 'Reverse Fill On / Off' or 'Solid Fill On / Off'. From the 'Tools' menu of VinylMaster Ltr, you can use the  numerous components of the 'Design Center', or the 'Object Manager', 'Property Inspector' and 'Object Selector' to obtain the appearance you are after.

Handy signmaking instrument

To summarize, VinylMaster Ltr is an efficient and user-friendly application whose main purpose is to help you create professional-looking letterings for signs or logos, with a minimal level of effort for you.

VinylMaster Ltr was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 13th, 2014
VinylMaster Ltr - The main window of VinylMaster Ltr allows you to start creating your lettering, using the fonts and colors you preferVinylMaster Ltr - From the File menu, you can open a new document or add another page to the current designVinylMaster Ltr - The Edit menu enables you to undo or redo certain actions, as well as activate or deactivate the elastic modeVinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #4VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #5VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #6VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #7VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #8VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #9VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #10VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #11VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #12VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #13VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #14VinylMaster Ltr - screenshot #15

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