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An advanced and reliable application designed to offer you the ability of creating software without any programming knowledge required

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Xapps Studio is a complex yet user-friendly piece of software designed to provide you with an easy means of building web apps for various operating systems, without having to resort to code writing.

The tool is fairly simple to work with, featuring an intuitive and straight-forward interface. After launching Xapps Studio, you can either start a new project or continue to work on an existing one.

Additionally, in order to start your app, Xapps Studio offers you a project wizard to guide you through every step, thus reducing the possibility of errors.

However, beyond that point, some programming experience is required, in order to be able to configure certain elements and the way they are supposed to behave in your application or the actions they are meant to fulfill under certain conditions.

The utility allows you to add a variety of elements, just by double clicking on them in the 'ToolBox'. The 'Toolbox' features all the objects that you can insert in your app, ranging from 'Button', to 'Textbox', 'Header', 'Image', 'Container', 'Tab Control', 'Image List', 'Instagram Gallery', 'MapView', 'TrackBar', 'CheckBox', 'Separator', 'Table', 'Macro' or others.

Afterward, you need to set up the preferred options, like 'Background Color', 'Border', 'Padding', 'Margin', Custom Style' or 'ID', as well as the actions they can perform, for instance a button's behavior 'OnMouseOver', which can 'Open Form', 'Open URL', 'Send Mail', 'Message', 'Exit App', 'Set Variable', 'Create Dir', 'Delete File', and many more.

Moreover, Xapps Studio enables you to 'Edit Current Element', by adding or removing 'CSS Rules'. You can create numerous forms or import then into the app, or configure its properties. Finally, you can preview it on a web browser, before exporting it.

To conclude, Xapps Studio is a useful and reliable program that can assist you in successfully creating web apps, with the least amount of effort.

Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop) was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 27th, 2014
Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop) - Xapps Studio allows users to create new projects or open already existing onesXapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop) - When creating a new project, you need to assign a name, select its icon and choose its working folderXapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop) - The main window of the application is the place where you can add various elements to your design, such as buttons, check boxes or data gridsXapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)Xapps Studio (formerly Xapps Desktop)

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