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A complex and handy software utility that organizes your novel into chapters and scenes allowing you to efficiently schedule your work

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Writing can be a time-consuming passion and the twists and turns of any plot line can be hard to follow especially when ideas keep coming to you. yWriter is an interesting app that helps you treat any novel as a project, by breaking it into chapters and scenes.

The program has a clean interface that’s extremely easy to work with. Basically, the app helps you organize thoughts and ideas, key scenes and “put meat” on the characters.

New projects can be created from scratch or with the help of a step-by-step wizard.

The program can create an undefined number of chapters. Descriptions can be added to these in order to have a better view of all the important points in the story. Each chapter contains multiple scenes that can be moved around whenever you want.

The scenes contain the story itself, but the plot can further be sketched by adding a viewpoint, additional details, choosing the characters that take part of the scene and the location, as well as including notes and pictures.

Each character can be shaped with the help of a brief form. Aside from the short and full name, you can assign it a minor or major role. A description and a short biography can also be provided, as well as a reference picture, goals and notes.

A storyboard view is also available; this can help you get a better picture of the state of the story. As you add more scenes, chapters and characters, the board grows and you see the bigger picture.

yWriter comes with a few progress trackers, enabling you to see exactly how many words are written in a scene and how many scenes are included in a chapter.

All in all, yWriter is a great tool that can be extremely useful. Inexperienced users should be able to quickly figure out how to work with this app.

yWriter was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
yWriter - yWriter splits your novel into chapters while allowing you to view their description and contentsyWriter - The Project menu enables you to export your novel to HTML, text, RTF, LaTeX, Ebook or NaNoWriMo obfuscated textyWriter - You can plan how many chapters you want to write every week by creating a complete or a draft work scheduleyWriter - The Search menu helps you replace words and find predefined or user defined 'Problem Words'yWriter - You can easily edit, renumber, remove, print or export chapters anytime you want with just a few clicksyWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriteryWriter

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