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Create CD covers and DVD covers for your discs.

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If you have the habit of burning discs every so often, especially custom audio compilations or home-made DVD movies, you must have felt the need for an appropriate cover to make the package truly complete. In case drawing one with your pencil is out of the question, why not let a specialist try to make it come true?

Such a savvy assistant is not difficult to find and, since you're on this page already, this one may be what you're after. The name is Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator and the specialty is identical to the name.

This application is created with a single purpose in mind: to help you design and print personalized covers for your discs. It installs in a flash so you will be facing its simple but practical GUI in a few moments.

Right from the start you'll surely appreciate the lack of complexity that makes it suitable for any user. The software doesn't come empty-handed, it packs a few templates that can be useful for some occasions, but you can always use one of your own pictures. The list of supported format covers the most common types, namely JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and also some less often used ones, like TIFF and ICO.

Should you prefer a solid color instead of an image, Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator allows you to do that as well. Other customizations involve the track listing, cover texts, but you can also choose the preferred text alignment and font.

The preview function is always active, so you get instant feedback for any change you make to the covers. Another setting you can turn on or off is related to printing, namely to the cover borders that can be either highlighted or made invisible.

Given its simplicity and ease of use, Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator serves its purpose well, but use it bearing in mind that the evaluation version does have limitations, because in order to fully enjoy its features the application needs a paid license.

Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 1st, 2011
Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator - The Cover view allows the user to change the background color or image and to configure the font style.Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator - This window enables the user to name the CD and to insert track names that will be printed on the cover.Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator - The Disc view allows the user to change the picture or the color of the CD and to print the image on the entire disc.Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator - The user can personalize the look of the CD by writing the disc name and a description of the content.

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