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An application to create and modify help files (.HLP)

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HelpMaker is a must have for any software developer because it provides very advanced tools to create help files without the need of a dedicated word processor. The application is so easy to use that you'll definitely be amazed.

The first time you create a new project you just have to follow a simple wizard that asks you to provide the project name and choose the custom table of contents. You can thus decide to use both headings and sub-headings, it all depends on you and the app that's going to include the help file.

By default, it creates multiple chapters, such as 'Introduction', 'Contact us', 'About', 'Awards', 'FAQ' and 'How to buy', so you can leave things the way they are and only write down your text.

The editing process is easy as pie because you don't have to do more except to select the chapter you wish to edit and input the text. In addition, you can also insert photos, draw tables, place links and use all the other goodies you usually find in a word processor.

Formatting can be easily changed from a dedicated menu, so you don't have to worry that you'll get a huge block of text with no paragraphs or different text styles.

Once you're done with the help file, HelpMaker can either save it or export as PDF, HTML or RTF, giving you the power to easily integrate in into your recently-developed application.

The good thing about HelpMaker must be the number of features, as this software includes basically all you'll ever need to create a comprehensive help manual to aid your users while playing with your downloadable tools.

So all in all, this utility is one of the best, if not best, help file creators. It has everything you'll need and is so easy to use that less experienced users can use it with minimal efforts.

HelpMaker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 13th, 2012
HelpMaker - In the main window of Help Maker, the user can use the file tree to add, remove or modify his files.HelpMaker - In the Options of the project there can be set up general informations about later added pictures, project compilation and type of help fileHelpMaker - The user is prompted to add information about the help file and the software which the help file is for.HelpMaker - The help file writer has the possibility of compiling the help file into a online help file.HelpMaker - The user must select the extension of the online help file, html tags, visual settings and multilanguage support.HelpMaker - HelpMaker has also included shortcuts for adding, cloning and sorting the help files.HelpMaker - The help file programmer can use the integrated spell check, word counter, add languages or compile the help file.HelpMaker - Different types of tabels can be added, where each border, cell and row can be easily modified.HelpMaker - In General Options the user can modify the visual settings, including fonts and colors, also changing the used compilers.HelpMaker - The Power Editor allows the user to have a better view at his help file, browsing through it using keywords or alias IDs.

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