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An application that enables you to design your own screensavers by applying animations and other image effects on your personal images

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Animated Screensaver Maker is a software with a pretty self-explanatory title - it allows you to easily create animated screensavers.

The interface of the program is clean and intuitive. Users of any level of experience can easily navigate through Animated Screensaver Maker's features.

So, you can get started by inserting an image (JPEG, BMP, PNG or TGA) that will be used as background.

But you can also apply effects (e.g. underwater, water mirror, fire) and change their properties (e.g. slope, size and speed of the waves, number of drops).

In addition, you can import moving objects (e.g. rain, fog, downpour), stationary items (e.g. flower, clock, electric discharge) and animation brushes (e.g. water, drift, gold stars).

Furthermore, you can add a soundtrack by creating a playlist, modify slideshow timing settings (e.g. fade in and out time), open example projects and preview the screensaver before creating it.

Animated Screensaver Maker takes up a moderate amount of system resources, can guide you to a comprehensive online help page with snapshots and video tutorials, and didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests.

We would have liked to see a wide range of effects, animated and stationary objects but, even so, we strongly recommend Animated Screensaver Maker to all users, since it comes packed with some attractive elements for creating screensavers.

Animated Screensaver Maker was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
Animated Screensaver Maker - You can view the loaded image file and apply animation effects to it in the main window of the application.Animated Screensaver Maker - The Add New Animation window enables you to add a wide variety of animations and effects to your image.Animated Screensaver Maker - You can open images, create projects and add animations by accessing the File menu.Animated Screensaver Maker - screenshot #4

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