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A simple and small package ready to assist Visual Basic developers in generating INF files during the setup operation of their programs




.INF File Generator is an application that has a rather suggestive name. Its purpose is to help developers generate setup information files during the software's installation process.

Packed in a lightweight package, this component is suitable for those who work with Visual Basic, providing them with a fast way to create an INF file. This type of files contain details concerning the setup process, offering you the possibility to freely customize it.

As such, you can include custom installation instructions within the INF file in order to change settings such as the destination directory, the created registry entries or the installed software dependencies. INF scripts can also include uninstall instructions and version data.

.INF File Generator can be integrated within your Visual Basic projects in order to generate INF scripts during the setup of an application. The component can prove useful to software developers, enabling them to change the default settings during program setup.

With its help, developers can easily set the setup wizard to create new registry entries and modify the content of the generated INI file, as well as the Config.sys and AutoExec.bat sections.
Last updated on September 15th, 2006

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