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Deploy any application, or files or settings and target any Windows platform. This professional-type installer performs platform detection, file copy, options, .ini and registry updates, uninstall, shortcuts, internet etc.

It all starts using MakSetup Wizard, a powerfull graphical script maker which also generates your final package ready to be used! Install Wizard has a professional feel and look for your package without any coding!

Here are some key features of "Install Wizard":

■ Add/supress entry in Win.ini & Registry with user variables support (directories, register information...)

■ Allow backuping on removed files

■ Declaration of copied files in Progman Groups, file decompression support, file copy options, file types etc...

■ Destination system full check at installation time (platform, processor...)

■ Display a welcome window and/or a register window, and a licence agreement

■ Display messages while installing, and also progress indicator

■ Includes Installer and UnInstaller in 16&32 Bits, Your installer can use only one platform or both, possibility to use your own UnInstaller.

■ Full control over Setup graphical aspect (gradient fills, bitmaps, texts, welcome box...)

■ Possibility to create platform dependent copies (some files that will added to install only on a particular platform)

■ Possibility to display a licence agreement window

■ Possibility to set optionnal components so that user can decide what to install (Setup will let user check or uncheck directories, and will update disk space requirement). If there are no optional components, the associated window will not be displayed.

■ Powerfull graphical scripting Tool allows user to create scripts, check integrity, generate disks, test installation. MakSetup Wizard is fully compliant with the Windows'95 logo program.

■ Setup & UnInstall programs with professional look & feel

■ Special commands and things to do at end of install procedure (Reboot, launch programs...)

■ UnInstall Wizard updates the usage counters for shared files when uninstalling your software (32 bits only).
Last updated on November 16th, 2006

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