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An intuitive application that helps developers build programs and export them EXE or ZIP file format, while allowing them to create new versions of the apps or design a new patch/hotfix project

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SSE Setup is a lightweight Windows application that helps developers create new versions of programs or design a new patch/hotfix project for managing software bugs or other type of problems.

It boasts a clean and straightforward layout that gives users the possibility to select the type of project they want to perform, namely a new version of an app or hotfix update.

SSE Setup allows users to provide information about the program, namely name, version, location, setup type, and 32 or 64-bit program installation, select the folder and files that you want to install, and add prerequisites (e.g. Windows version, minimum system requirements).

What’s more, you can customize the visual appearance of the installer in terms of welcome message, interface style, and message on startup, choose the language, embed text messages (e.g. license, disclaimer, version info), and include shortcuts.

Other important options worth mentioning enable users to configure the Registry parameters, make file associations, create additional options (e.g. play an audio file, open URLs), and run other programs.

Last but not least, there are several configuration settings designed to help you customize the uninstaller options in terms of additional programs that can be run, and create additional Registry modifications.

SSE Setup lets users add information about the publisher name, website, installer and uninstaller description, and copyright info, as well as sign your programs using digital signatures.

When it comes to exporting options, you can save data to EXE or ZIP file format, burn it to CD or DVD, or publish it on the Internet.

All in all, SSE Setup proves to be a reliable application that comes packed with a handy set of tools for helping users build programs.

SSE Setup was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 27th, 2015
SSE Setup - This is the main window of the application where you will be able to start new projects.SSE Setup - Within this window users will have the possibility of selecting the program name and version.SSE Setup - From this step of the process you can add folders and files from your system that you want to install.SSE Setup - screenshot #4SSE Setup - screenshot #5SSE Setup - screenshot #6SSE Setup - screenshot #7SSE Setup - screenshot #8SSE Setup - screenshot #9SSE Setup - screenshot #10SSE Setup - screenshot #11SSE Setup - screenshot #12SSE Setup - screenshot #13SSE Setup - screenshot #14SSE Setup - screenshot #15

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