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With this simple and efficient application, you can create small, powerful and feature-rich Setup Wizards in just a few swift moves






SetupStream is an handy and easy to understand piece of software that was create to help developers swiftly put together an installer for their programs, without too much fuss and without giving them a headache in the process.

This wizard-style tool allows users to create a new ‘Setup’ from scratch or work with an existing datasheet, which can be loaded from their computer.

When choosing to build a new ‘Setup’, users will be required to enter the ‘Application Title’, ‘Version’, ‘Company’ and ‘Hompage’. In addition, it allows developers to choose and ‘Application Announcement’ type from the available options.

Subsequently, programmers will be prompted to select all the files which they want to be installed, browsing for the targeted items and adding them either one file at a time or a whole folder. Similarly, users will need to choose the ‘Destination Folder’, either ‘InstallRoot’, ‘SystemRoot’ or ‘SharedFiles’.

In the next step, users can import the registry values that will be changed or created during the installation process of their utility. These can be added manually or imported from an existing REG file.

Moreover, programmers will have to load a ‘License Agreement’ and select the operating systems that their application can run on, so as it prevent it from being installed on incompatible PCs.Here, they also have the opportunity to specify whether the computer will require a reboot when completing the installation.

Afterward, users can activate ‘Serial Checking’ and add the necessary shortcuts (Start Menu, Quick Launch Bar, Desktop), as well as any additional commands, then create the ‘Setup’ package for a specific type of media (web, disc or compress data package).

Developers can also opt for their installation wizard to be able to run in ‘Unattended Mode’, and finally SetupStream will compile the provided information to generate the installer, which can then be distributed to end users.
Last updated on October 24th, 2003
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