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If you often create MP3 CDs, then you are probably familiar with several disc-writing programs. Free MP3 CD Burner is a light tool designed specifically for this task.

The program comes with a clean and simple interface and an intuitive layout.

Files can be added by browsing various directories or by simply dragging and dropping them onto the interface. If you change your mind about any of the songs, they are easily removable from the list, with only a click of a button.

Free MP3 CD Burner lets you use buffer protection when writing the discs. This protects the computer from misburned optical media. Discs can be left open or finalized, which means no other files can be added in a later session.

Furthermore, you can choose the location of the CD you want to burn, as well as the writing speed. The software supports values between 8x and 48x, but it also depends on the abilities of your hardware.

Another option made available by this program is writing CDs from ISO files. Therefore, if you have an image copy of an audio disc, it can be burned directly to the blank CD.

You can also view the disc information of the loaded media. Thus, you can find out the media type, the disc status, number of sessions, as well as the amount of free and used space and the overall capacity.

A full disc takes only a few minutes to burn, but the length of the process depends on the writing speed and the number of MP3s. Inexperienced users should find this app easy to work with.

Free MP3 CD Burner was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on January 4th, 2013
Free MP3 CD Burner - This is the main window of Free MP3 CD Burner, where you will be able to add the files to be included on the CD.Free MP3 CD Burner - From the Tools menu of Free MP3 CD Burner, you will be able to save the image in ISO format.Free MP3 CD Burner - Free MP3 CD Burner also features an efficient disc erasing feature.

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