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CD DVD to ISO program was designed to be a little tool that will help you make an ISO from your CD or DVD

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CD DVD to ISO is a very easy to use Windows software solution that can create an ISO image from your CD or DVD disks.

There are hundreds of similar applications out there on the market, so CD DVD to ISO needs to have something really special to attract more users.

This isn’t quite special, but the simplicity it relies on clearly makes CD DVD to ISO a very easy to use application, grouping all options right in the main window and boasting only a few configuration settings.

On the other hand, while everything is designed to be simple, there is no help manual, so beginners may have a hard time with the options displayed under the log panel.

Users are thus prompted to choose the device they wish to use as source for the ISO file, the name of the ISO and pick from several options, such as c2scan, fulltoc, clone, noerror and nocorr. While those with a bit more computer experience should have no problems figuring out the purpose of these tools, a help file would definitely help rookies a lot.

More information can be accessed however by moving the mouse cursor over each option, but the terms used in each description may still scare away beginners.

CD DVD to ISO completes a task in no time and that’s a pretty good thing as compared to other similar apps on the market, while remaining very friendly with hardware resources.

The conclusion is rather simple: CD DVD to ISO can be useful, but only if you’re an experienced user who doesn’t need too much information on the available options. Otherwise, there are tons of similar apps doing the same thing with a more intuitive approach.

CD DVD to ISO was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 23rd, 2012
CD DVD to ISO - The main window of CD DVD to ISO application is where you will be able to select the cd/dvd device from where you want to create the iso image or select the path where you want the iso image to be saved, and a nema for it.

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