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A useful command-line application that was especially created in order to provide users with a means of performing various text editing tasks





When writing texts or handling text documents that need some basic editing, the actions required to fulfill these operations can become tedious. Nonetheless, to alleviate this problem, some dedicated utilities can be used to carry out such tasks and one of them is Gawk for Windows.

Especially tailored for processing text bits, this software is actually an interpreted programming language that offers binaries for Windows users to enjoy onto their PCs.

Formatting data is its specialization and since it is runnable from Command Prompt, users will have to follow a specific syntax and make use of the supported parameters and commands only.

Gawk for Windows offers some details regarding its usage and besides a couple of examples that can be used as reference point, the list of POSIX and GNU options it can handle can be viewed as soon as the executable is deployed inside a Command window.

The tasks that can be carried out with the help of this tool include database management (for smaller databases only), report generation or data validation. With Gawk for Windows one can also take some specific parts of a text and process them, as well as create indexes.

Since this application is compatible with awk language specifications, it should be able to run pretty much any program written in awk. Gawk for Windows has some functional limitations as well and they are detailed in the online documentation available for this utility.
Last updated on July 23rd, 2009
Gawk for Windows - The Command Prompt window lets you see the available options for Gawk for Windows