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Create multi boot GameCube ISO images with ease

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Viper Multi Boot ISO Creator is a compact tool designed to help you create discs for the GameCube gaming console. The generated discs can include multiple ISO images in order to use the same CD for multiple games.

The Nintendo GameCube is the gaming console that preceded the Wii and provided its users with the ability to play video games stored on optical discs. Some versions of the console allowed users to use multiboot discs in order to play more than one game from a single storage unit.

This tool intends to help you create the multi-boot disc by adding your GameCube game images. In order to use the application you need to backup your original discs and to save the images as ISO or GMC files.

You can create the disc by simply selecting the images and adding them to the output disc image. The program displays the list of added images and the used disc space in order to estimate when the storage capacity is optimized.

Since multiple CD images can be saved as ISO files the tool checks them and only uses the ones that are supported by GameCube. This prevents you from adding other formats which can result in errors when using the disc with your console.

The status of the operation is displayed in the main window which also enables you to change the name of a certain ISO file in order to organize your files.

If you are a fan of the GameCube and want to store multiple game images on a single disc, this tool allows you to create the multiboot image which can be used by the console.

Viper Multi Boot ISO Creator was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on April 10th, 2013
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