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A simple to use software solution that makes it possible for you to reveal all the AACS keys that are needed in order to decrypt a Blu-ray disc






AACS Keys is a lightweight Command Line tool that can extract a list with the keys used for AACS encryption and is a process that can be performed on a HD DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Being an application that you run using the Command Line, it doesn't display a graphical user interface which you can make use of to perform the extraction. Instead you have to drag and drop the application over the Command Prompt window or access it directly from within.

Supplying the appropriate commands, the application is able to reveal the AACS keys in a very short time.

AACS Keys allows you to use three types of viewing: ‘Normal’, ‘Verbose’ (which gives a large number of keys and info) and ‘Sensitive’ (that provides a lot of keys and information while in addition offering details about potential sensitive drives.

Each of the three types has an associated letter what you can use in order to trigger the analysis and extraction, and are revealed when you run AACS Keys.

After you choose the type of key viewing you want to apply and run the application, it displays a complete list of all the information you need. For example, running a Verbose scan provides information such as processing hey, encrypted and decrypted C-values, decrypted verification data, host certificate location, volume ID and of course, the encrypted title keys.

It’s all a very simple and straightforward process that can be initiated with success by anyone who posses at least basic knowledge concerning this kind of tool and the task it undertakes.
Last updated on December 10th, 2008
AACS Keys - In the Command Promt window you can see the options for AACS Keys

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