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A CD/DVD protection scanner

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CD and DVD piracy is a world-wide phenomena and manufacturers always try to come up with advanced and state-of-the-art copy protection technology to assure that their material cannot be copied from one medium to another. Spending more and more money on developing these protection applications and ending up failing to stop the perpetual increase in the number of illegal copies draw companies back and out of the game eventually.

No matter the tech level of CD/DVD copy protection, there is always someone to find a way around them. Between backing up your purchased copy of an Audio CD, game or any other software to reproducing it for commercial purposes is a very thin line. You can choose to pass it or not. If you choose not to, then you need a set of tools to make an almost 100% 1:1 copy of your disc. And as the law in many countries allows you to create a backup of your legally owned disc, you are entitled to look for a way to preserve your investment.

The number of CD / DVD protections has fluctuated over the years as some of the most renowned technologies' development has been ceased. This is the case of SafeDisc, SmarteCD, DiscGuard or Ring PROTECH for the gaming industry alongside Cactus Data Shield, MediaCloQ, MediaMax CD3 or SAFEAUDIO for Audio CDs and DVDs. There are also other protections for discs on the market including Dummy Files, Illegal TOC, OverSize, OverBurn and even Physical Errors.

A-Ray Scanner does nothing but providing you with the type of protection your disc has. It detects many of these technologies in order to facilitate the whole backup process. Its presentation features a simple window that you can use to select the disc drive of your choice and perform the scanning operation that only takes one or two seconds to complete. The application also allows users to scan a folder of their choice for any of the protection it recognizes.

The program's options are not as interesting as the vast array of detectable copy protections and it's where the true power of the software really sits. It instantly knows if you have inserted a 3PLock, Bitpool, Cactus Data Shield, CD-Cops, CDLock, CDProtector, CodeLock, Copykiller, DiscGuard or JoWood Xprot protected disc. A-Ray Scanner also identifies LaserLock, Libcrypt, ProtectCD, SafeDisc, SecuROM, Settec Alpha Rom or Smarte technologies as well as StarForce, SVKP, Sysuphius, Tages or standard VCD / SVCD protections.

Due to its impressive CD / DVD protection detection, A-Ray Scanner is one of those must-have tools when backing up your disc. Add your favorite CD / DVD copy application and your suite is complete. All you need on top of these is the required knowledge to work your way around the protections you detect with this very handy tool. Due to the nature of the software, we ought to remind you one more time that unauthorized replication (bootlegging) of copyrighted material is liable to criminal prosecution.

A-Ray Scanner was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on May 16th, 2012
A-Ray Scanner - A-Ray Scanner will provide users with a very witty CD/DVD protection scannerA-Ray Scanner - Users will be able to select any of the available disc drives on your computerA-Ray Scanner - The Options window will offer a list of settings like `Scan Files Bigger Than 20 MB` as well as `Minimize To Tray` or `Context Menu`A-Ray Scanner - screenshot #4

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