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An easy to use and reliable DVD movie and audio clip extractor that enables you to select the time frame of your output, the format and the quality

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Cinematize is a simple yet comprehensive application designed to help you extract video or audio streams from your movie DVDs. You can easily select which chapter and which segment of movie you wish to separate and save as high quality video or in suitable size for presentations and portable devices.

Select time frame

The software enables you to choose which title or chapter of the movie you wish to extract from the DVD. Such movies are encoded for better rendering on media players and protection against quality loss. Cinematize can help you decrypt both the video and the audio streams you need, then separate them from the rest of the film.

You can select the start and end point of the time frame you wish to extract. The movie segments are not limited within a single chapter, so you can save, for instance a video clip, starting in chapter 1 and ending in chapter 2.

Set quality parameters

Once you have selected the movie clip, you need to specify whether you wish to save the video, the audio stream, or both. Select the video decoding method, the audio downmixing mode, as well as the dynamic range, and the output format.

Cinematize is capable not only of DVD ripping, but it can also save your output as files compatible with portable devices, suitable for presentations and television display or as high quality clips. The software supports multiple output formats, including H.264, MPEG-4 or 3GP movies.

Other advanced settings, such as video frame size or audio sampling rate can be selected from the output options dialogue box. Additionally, you can choose to extract chapters together or separate them into several files.

Previewing film

Aside from the decoding and extraction functions, Cinematize enables you to watch the full movie contained on your DVD, with full synchronization of video and sound. The software can play multiple types of DVD media, including PAL or NTSC video and PCM or AC-3 audio formats.


A powerful DVD ripping tool, Cinematize can extract video and audio content from both encrypted and decrypted discs, and convert them to editable files. You can extract the movie scene you desire and include it in a presentation, play it on your portable media device or render it on your computer in high quality.

Cinematize was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 24th, 2014
Cinematize - Cinematize is a comprehensive application that enables you to extract video and audio content from DVDs.Cinematize - Cinematize enables you to decode video content, extract it from the DVD and convert it to multiple file types.Cinematize - You can set which audio stream you wish to extract from the DVD, the decoding mode and the dynamic range.CinematizeCinematizeCinematizeCinematizeCinematizeCinematize

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