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Creating backups for your movies or data stored on DVDs often requires a specialized application that can create 1:1 copies of the original media.

Such a tool is DVD Clone Factory, a software solution designed to help you copy an entire DVD without spending much time getting used to the interface or trying to cope with complex settings.

The interface is minimal, which means you only have to adjust a couple of settings and press the ''Next'' button until the cloning process begins. As soon as the installation ends you can choose the drive that contains the DVD you want to clone. The next step concerns the temporary location where the files will be stored until they are burned back on a blank DVD, so once again a couple of clicks should do.

Afterwards, DVD Clone Factory asks you to pick the DVD content you need to copy and wait until the cloning process reaches the final step. This is the moment when the application will ask you to select the writing device and the burning speed.

That's basically it, DVD Clone Factory has turned the whole process in a matter of seconds. It all took just a few minutes during our test, so everything should go quite smoothly on most systems.

The conclusion is that DVD Clone Factory is worth a chance, especially if you copy DVDs on a regular basis. The ease of use is the main advantage this application has over many of its competitors and since it has no complex configurations, the less experienced users can fully enjoy it.

DVD Clone Factory was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 25th, 2012
DVD Clone Factory - DVD Clone Factory will help you clone any of your DVD movies to a single recordable DVD disc with amazing high speed and top qualityDVD Clone Factory - The second step of the cloning wizard will require users to select the Temporary Drive for the copying processDVD Clone Factory - Users will be able to select the VOB files from the DVD to-be-copied, thus the DVD contents can be splittedDVD Clone Factory - The next step of the wizard will provide users with information regarding the File Size Total and the Current PositionDVD Clone Factory - You can choose to Device you wish to use for the burning process as well as the Burn Speed or Only test writing options

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