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Play content from DVD discs, be it movies, music, games and other types of files with this lightweight and intuitive piece of software

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HOTLLAMA Media Player is a tool designed to help you play DVD movies directly from discs. It comes loaded with just a few basic media player controls, so it can be handled by anyone with ease, regardless of the user's level of experience with media players.

Before proceeding any further, you should know that this is an old app that hasn't been updated for a very old time, and it doesn't work on later Windows editions. However, it still works on older Windows, such as XP.

Simple setup and interface

The installer shouldn't impose any difficulties, thanks to the fact that it contains only familiar options. Once it's over, you are welcomed by two windows which represent HOTLLAMA Media Player's interface, one for playing media, and one for controlling it.

Play and control DVD movies

You can load DVD movies from disc, pause and resume playback, fast rewind or fast forward, jump to the previous or next chapter, adjust the quality, zoom in and out, tweak the volume level or mute sound, bring up the DVD menu, as well as save and restore bookmarks.

HOTLLAMA Media Player lets you choose the default DVD-RAM drive, switch to another skin for the interface, make the tool the default media player, use Windows Media Player for playing DVD movies instead, check for software updates with one click, or disable keyboard shortcuts.

Evaluation and conclusion

The utility didn't hang, crash or prompt error dialogs. It didn't hamper system performance either, since it used low CPU and RAM. Too bad that the project has been discontinued and that HOTLLAMA Media Player is no longer compatible with modern Windows configurations. Nevertheless, you can still use it on older Windows, since it's freeware.

HOTLLAMA Media Player was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 20th, 2015
HOTLLAMA Media Player - The main window of HOTLLAMA Media Player allows you to load the files you want to render from your DVDHOTLLAMA Media Player - From the Settings section of the application, you can configure your DVD driveHOTLLAMA Media Player - The Options tab of HOTLLAMA Media Player enables you to choose your default DVD player

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