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A simple and easy to use DVD eraser

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Super Blank is a very simple app developed to erase any rewritable CD or DVD.

Only basic computer knowledge is needed, not only because of the small number of features, but also thanks to the very intuitive GUI.

The program automatically reads the content of an inserted disc and lets you erase it with one click.

The main window of the app shows nothing more beside drive name, the usual “Open” and “Close” tray buttons, as well as a “Blank” feature to start erasing the disc. A progress bar to keep you up to date with the task progress is also available in the same main window.

While everything’s very easy to use, Super Blank also offers a so-called “Auto blank” option that automatically starts erasing an inserted disc.

You don’t need a super computer to run this application, as it works on low resources all the time and it doesn’t even ask for administrator privileges.

The good thing is that it can really lend you a hand when other burning apps fail to erase a disc, offering just a simple interface to interact with all users.

All in all, Super Blank is just a basic tool that does its job and nothing more. It doesn’t assault users with unnecessary features and comprises only the essential features. If there’s something to be improved however, it’s the interface, as a more professional-looking design could really help users.

Super Blank was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 18th, 2012
Super Blank - This is the main window of Super Blank from where you can start erasing your CD / DVD's.

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