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Create copies or clones of your Blu-ray discs, generate 2D copies of 3D Blu-ray discs or copy just the main movie with the help of this application

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TDMore Blu-ray Copy can help you create local copies of your Blu-Ray discs, providing support for both 2D and 3D content. You can use it for backup purposes, so as to make sure that you can always watch your favorite movies even if the original disc gets misplaced.

Copy BD image files and directories

The application provides support for BD image files (in ISO, IMG, NRG and INI format) and folders. It automatically detects a loaded Blu-ray disc and displays a small preview of the main movie, enabling you to watch it prior to proceeding.

Working with TDMore Blu-ray Copy should pose no problem to users, since each option is clear and easily accessible. It can even generate a 1:1 clone of the loaded disc, containing all the files on the Blu-ray.

Copy or clone Blu-ray discs with ease

There are three copy modes that you can choose from. The application can create copies of the entire disc content, which means that all the menus, commercials, trailers and other extra materials will be included alongside the main movie.

Alternatively, you can opt for copying the main movie only, which obviously occupied less disk space. The output can be saved as a Blu-ray folder or an ISO image, with customizable size (BD 50, BD 25), included audio stream and subtitles. Moreover, TDMore Blu-ray Copy can be used for generating a duplicate of the disc, without making a compromise on playback quality.

Have your Blu-ray discs backed up in minutes

TDMore Blu-ray Copy is a reliable tool for those who want to backup their Blu-ray discs, enabling them to create full or main movie copies without a lot of effort.

During our testing, copying the main movie of a Blu-ray disc took about 34 minutes to complete, at a speed of more than 9 MB per second, without a significant impact on the system resources.

TDMore Blu-ray Copy was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 28th, 2015
TDMore Blu-ray Copy - You can use TDMore Blu-ray Copy to create copies of your Blu-ray discs, either for the entire disc or just the main movie.TDMore Blu-ray Copy - There are three different copy modes that TDMore Blu-ray Copy provides, namely Full disc, Main movie and Clone.TDMore Blu-ray Copy - When copying the main movie only, you can remove the audio stream and the subtitles.TDMore Blu-ray Copy - screenshot #4TDMore Blu-ray Copy - screenshot #5TDMore Blu-ray Copy - screenshot #6TDMore Blu-ray Copy - screenshot #7TDMore Blu-ray Copy - screenshot #8

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