WinEject 2.00

Allows you to open and close the tray of CD ROM and DVD drives.
WinEject is designed to help you open and close your disc drives with a couple of clicks. The application can handle CD-ROM and DVD drives as well as other removable media (like ZIP disks or streamer tapes).

The user can create a shortcut key to access a certain drive or to act upon all drives installed on the computer. 

Main features:

  • Basic features:
  • WinEject opens and closes drives with motor driven trays (like most cd-rom and dvd drives). With other drives using removable media (like ZIP drives or streamers) WinEject is able to eject inserted media.
  • Control:
  • WinEject is controlled using a little icon in the system tray area next to the clock. You can also assign shortcut keys ("hotkeys") for opening and closing drives.
  • Automatic eject:
  • WinEject is able to open all drives that contain disks when you log off from Windows. In case WinEject can't open a drive (like a normal floppy drive), a warning message is displayed. This way, you'll never forget your disks in the drives.
  • Protection against loss of data:
  • Before WinEject ejects writeable disks, it flushes the operating system's disk cache. All data is safely written to the disk. If you use the eject button on the drive it may happen that some data in the cache will not be written to the disk. In certain circumstances data may even be written on a disk that you insert afterwards, over writing data on this disk. With WinEject, you can avoid this problem.
  • Locking drives:
  • Some drives can be locked by WinEject. The manual eject button on the device will be disabled, only WinEject can open those drives in that case. This is usefull if you want to protect your disks if your computer is accessible by other people (for instance when you exhibit at a fair).
  • Command line interface:
  • The standard features like Open, Close, Lock and Unlock can be invoked using command line parameters. This allows you to use WinEject in batch files, for example to eject a disk automatically after a successful backup.
  • Network support :
  • WinEject contains a Windows service. If you install this on a computer (for instance your backup server) you're able to control the drives on this computer from another computer in your network remotly.
  • Ejecting without administrator rights:
  • After installing WinEjects Windows service on your local computer, other local users without administrative privileges are able to eject writable media on this computer.

last updated on:
September 4th, 2006, 22:01 GMT
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developed by:
Ingo Heeskens
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operating system(s):
Windows All
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WinEject - The application is active in the system tray and allows you to eject the drive by double clicking the icon.WinEject - You can choose which of the drives on your computer will be managed by the program.WinEject - The application can also eject the drive of a remote computer if your computer is part of a LAN.WinEjectWinEjectWinEjectWinEject

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