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Minimal and wizard-like application whose purpose is to burn data to discs or erase the rewritable ones, create ISO images and rip audio CDs

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For those who need to burn data discs, audio compilations, disc images and so on, there are many alternatives they can try. Among those that claim to have all the functions users may need you will find FinalBurner.

If we were to judge just by looking at the spec list, FinalBurner indeed looks like a great app. It can burn data CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, it has the ability to create audio discs and bootable ones, rip audio CDs, burn ISOs and much more.

User interface

Nonetheless, in reality things are a bit more complicated. First off, there's the interface with an unpolished appearance. It has only a few buttons in the taskbar, separate windows for browsing files and CD burning and just a few options here and there.

A few hiccups

Secondly, the way in which FinalBurner actually works is less satisfactory that one would expect. During our tests we came upon some application errors, especially insofar as the Audio CD ripping feature is concerned.

Burn discs and create images with ease

In case you need to burn data discs or ISO images, there should be no problems since we did not encounter any while testing the app. All you have to do is upload items using the built-in file browser, add images, labels and buttons, and click the “Burn” button.

Operating FinalBurner is not difficult and it offers some simple configurations for building a list of files to be written onto a CD or DVD, and packs a wizard which aids novice users to get around it faster and easier.


The feature pack it presents is quite good, yet, unfortunately, too many errors occur for this to become a viable alternative to other programs similar in function. It may be easy to use, but the shortcomings of FinalBurner would surely deter many users from using it on a regular basis.

FinalBurner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
FinalBurner - In the main window of FinalBurner users can open existing projects, as well as create new audio or video CDs and DVDsFinalBurner - The Autorun section allows users to add images, labels and buttons associated with files or URLsFinalBurner - The application provides users with the possibility of customizing the disk names as preferredFinalBurner - screenshot #4FinalBurner - screenshot #5FinalBurner - screenshot #6

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