Toshiba Disc Creator

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Burn CDs and DVDs easily on your Toshiba laptop with this particular piece of software featuring audio CD, data disc and image creation capabilities

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Toshiba Disc Creator addresses Toshiba laptop owners and provides a tool for burning discs of various sorts including audio CDs and data CD / DVD mediums.

For starters, this particular piece of software may already be included within the application bundle that is installed with your Toshiba notebook. Being a part of such a computer program collection has its advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, some users find this type of software really annoying, call it “bloatware” and they do have a point, actually. This practice is performed by many other computer manufacturers and, while it may seem like free software that you would have to pay for if you want to get it separately, what it really is has nothing to do with that.

Then there are the ones that truly welcome the additional software packed with new laptops. As mentioned before, Toshiba Disc Creator can be one of the many applications that Toshiba decided you should have on your laptop from day one. It is meant to be an alternative to the Windows tool that helps you burn discs or any other software that can accomplish that.

Toshiba Disc Creator comes packing a pretty neat graphical user interface and a few options within its main window. The standard menu encases three items including the Audio CD that helps you create an audio CD from audio files, the Data Disc that allows you to get data from your computer to a disc or perform backup copies of discs from the Disc Backup.

Furthermore, the advanced menu that you can access separately also holds two options regarding the processes of preserving a disc as an image file and the creation of discs from image files. Other than that, the software works like many other programs of its profile.

Overall, Toshiba Disc Creator is quite a good application to have and can surely do its job. As long as you do not already have a favorite disc burner and your Toshiba notebook has Toshiba Disc Creator pre-installed, you might want to give it a try or two before starting to look for a more comprehensive tool, if the necessity arises.

Toshiba Disc Creator was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 9th, 2013

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