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An efficient application that allows you to easily clone a partition or an entire hard drive, while also being able of migrating data from a hard drive to another

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Creating disk clones is usually a painful task, especially when thinking that you have to move tons of data onto another hard disk.

That's why PC Disk Clone X may help you a lot in this regard, trying to offer a simple method to clone data from one drive to another.

Free 'Disk to Disk' mode

The free edition only works in 'Disk to Disk' mode, so you only have the option to clone your files on a different hard disk.

Although it may seem a little bit too difficult to use, the interface helps the application target both beginners and professional users, as users have no more to do than simply follow a wizard to get the job done.

You thus have to select the source and the destination disks and you should be ready to rumble. There are only two options in the main window, 'Used Only' and 'Shadow Copy', so configuration is just minimal.

Cloning entire disks takes time

PC Disk Clone X worked flawlessly during our test, but there's still one major drawback. The application is terribly slow and we've received reports from users claiming that it sometimes takes up to one day to clone a whole disk.

However, this also depends on the size of your hard disks, but as a general idea, PC Disk Clone X Free Edition is far from being a fast software solution, it just takes too much time to complete the task.

It does run okay on most computers, but older machines might experience several slowdowns when running it, but it still manages to meet the expectations.

In conclusion

So all in all, PC Disk Clone X deserves a chance if you have enough time, but before jumping into any conclusion, it's better to give it a try and see what it's up to.

PC Disk Clone X was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 23rd, 2014
PC Disk Clone X [DISCOUNT: 25% OFF!] - PC Disk Clone X allows you to backup data from your hard drive and migrate it to another computer.PC Disk Clone X [DISCOUNT: 25% OFF!] - From the Disk to Disk window, you can easily migrate your data to another hard drive by selecting the source and the destination disks.

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