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This is a tool for making Self Extracting EXE files from 7-ZIP files

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7-ZIP SFX Maker is an easy to configure software solution designed to create self extracting executable files using 7-ZIP archives.

While this may sound a bit complicated for rookies, 7-ZIP SFX Maker does quite a good job when it comes to making everything very easy, and the number one thing that brings its contribution to this aspect is the interface.

With a very clean and well-organized layout, the main window shows all features in tabs, so the configuration task is a quite a breeze.

While the “Files” tab shows the content of any selected 7-ZIP archive, the “Dialogs” screen lets you configure each dialog that pops out during the whole process, including the begin prompt, the extract path, the progress and cancel prompt.

Another handy tool is the one that lets you change the SFX icon, but don't forget that you also need Resource Hacker to use this feature.

Additionally, 7-ZIP SFX Maker gives control over metadata information, while also providing dedicated tools to remove the SFX file after extraction, enable XP visual style, launch programs after extraction and many others.

Last but not least, 7-ZIP SFX Maker gives you the power to save and load settings, so it's easy to use the same set of options for multiple archives, without the need for manual adjustments every time you launch the program.

All things considered, 7-ZIP SFX Maker does what it says, while hiding a great amount of customization features, all packed in a clean and well-organized look. Although it doesn't provide a help manual, rookies should encounter no problems while trying to figure out how to use the program.

7-ZIP SFX Maker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 10th, 2013
7-ZIP SFX Maker - This is the main window of 7-ZIP SFX Maker that enables you to browse for the .7z files you want to process.7-ZIP SFX Maker - From the Dialogs tab, you will be able to set the extraction path and the title of the SFX file you will create.7-ZIP SFX Maker - You can customize the begin prompt window text from the designated tab.7-ZIP SFX Maker - You will be able to optionally allow user to change the path file and set the extract path text.7-ZIP SFX Maker - screenshot #57-ZIP SFX Maker - screenshot #67-ZIP SFX Maker - screenshot #77-ZIP SFX Maker - screenshot #87-ZIP SFX Maker - screenshot #9

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