WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch

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Give the 3.40 version of WinRAR a modern look without affecting functionality at all with the help of this lightweight visual patch

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The world is full of diversity and the virtual space you're connected to every day doesn't make an exception, nor most available applications out there. In case you still use WinRAR 3.40 and think that the GUI is not exactly what you want to see on a daily basis, then you probably need to try this patch.

A major facelift for an old-school look

As its name clearly states, WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch brings a facelift for the interface of this powerful archiver, turning the old-school application into a handsome compression tool.

Basically an add-on, this GUI Patch can be installed quickly and easily thanks to the fact that the setup kit does the whole job. It automatically detects the location where WinRAR resides and copies its files over the original application, thus replacing the interface elements. The resulting appearance is much more attractive than the classic one.

Strictly dedicated to the mentioned version

Unfortunately, there aren't too many options when it comes to this interface upgrade, so what it's pretty much a case of what you see is what you get. Also, an important mention is that WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch is designed to work only with the version included in its name.

In terms of functionality, you can still take advantage of the powerful archiving tools. The newly implemented visual elements don't make it crash or hang so you can trust that all goes well.

To end with

All things considered, for anyone who want to refresh the appearance of their favorite RAR archive manager this utility will do the job. With a set of nice looking icons and minimal interaction during the installation, WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch is surely a must have and earns a spot on the recommendations list.

WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch - screenshot #1WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch - screenshot #2

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